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Academic Excellence

While GCISD always had strong academic programs and curricula, our students have experienced setbacks and challenges leaving them lagging behind. Knowing strong academics starts with funding, I will keep dollars in the classroom to equip every student with the appropriate materials they need. I will collaborate with teachers to create a district-wide standardized curriculum that aligns with TEKS.

School Safety

As a Law Enforcement professional, I am focused on securing our schools so students feel safe enough to learn and teachers feel safe enough to teach. I will work to increase School Resource Officers and collaborate with local Law Enforcement strengthening the emergency plan. I will work to standardize response and protocols to address student conduct. We need to ensure the environment is safe for both teachers and students and does not disrupt learning.

Financial Stability

A balanced budget is one sign of a healthy school district. I will review district programs and audit for any fraud, waste or abuse. Aside from working toward a balanced budget and paying down debt, I will focus on financial priorities such as increasing teacher pay and providing the classroom materials needed.


Attracting Top Talent

To retain the best, you must pay the best! I want to make GCISD the place where every teacher wants to work. Giving teachers a substantial pay increase will be a priority. Compensation is not the only thing that makes a good work environment. Teachers must be supported and not burdened with tasks or mandates that impede education.

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